Białka Tatrzańska

Białka Tatrzańska, where our guest rooms are located, is a beautiful highlander village situated on the crystal clear Białka River. Thanks to its good location (close to Zakopane, Nowy Targ, Bukowina Tatrzańska or Slovakia) and the specific microclimate, Białka Tatrzańska is a perfect place for rest and recreation. In winter, it attracts skiing enthusiasts with perfectly prepared ski slopes and a variety of slopes. In summer - mountain hiking trails and bicycle paths.

The rapid Białka River is perfect for many water sports, incl. canoeing or rafting. The surrounding slopes are used by paragliders. Not to mention the famous Terma Białka swimming pool complex with a Spa & Wellness zone. It is definitely worth coming here. Especially that the Na Kamieniec guest house has a discount package for its residents on many of the famous attractions of Białka Tatrzańska.

The name of the town comes from the river flowing through it. Most likely, the word "Białka" was supposed to indicate its purity, white stones and waves on the rushing mountain current. To this day, the banks of the Białka River are one of the favorite vacation spots of the guests of our Holiday Home ... precisely because of the crystal clear water and the beauty of nature.

The first historical records of Białka Tatrzańska come from the 17th century - from 1616-1618 to be exact. However, little is known about this period. The date of 1636 is certain, however, when king Władysław IV Waza granted the royal privilege to Wojciech Nowobilski, appointing him the village mayor. At that time, the village was assigned to the Ostrowsko parish and it was thanks to the efforts of the parish priest from Ostrów that the church appeared in Białka. Unfortunately, the wooden temple has not survived to our times. It burned down along with the presbytery. Around 1692, a new church was built in Białka, dedicated to St. Apostles Simon and Jude Thaddeus. Today, this beautiful, baroque church with a restored polychrome is included in the Wooden Architecture Trail and is the oldest Catholic church in the Tatra district. During the summer season, a mass is celebrated in the temple every Sunday. On the opposite side of the road there is a second brick parish church. Its construction began in 1913. The building was designed by Franciszek Mączyński - one of the most outstanding Krakow architects of those years. The church is a mixture of different styles. Particularly noteworthy is the brass altar designed by Jan Szczepkowski (one of the most famous sculptors of the interwar period) and the baroque cross transferred from the old church.

Already in the interwar period, Białka Tatrzańska was known as a summer resort with great accommodation, highlander cuisine and hospitable hosts. Nothing has changed since then. Only attractions arrived! In summer, Białka encourages tourists to go hiking along mountain hiking trails. One of them is the famous Royal Route, where (as the legend has it) the highlanders led the King Jan Kazimierz escaping from the Swedes. In winter, Białka invites you to go skiing. And all year round for swimming in thermal pools. Dom Wczasowy Na Kamieniec joins this invitation.

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